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Future proof your returns management

Consider a dedicated returns center. Sending returns to our local hubs ensures short delivery distances and swift inspections, getting products back on shelves for resale promptly.


Have access to a local return solution within 24 hours!

Beat the industry standard by reducing your return rate with our dedicated returns centre and returns portal. Define your criteria, keep track of data, and let consumers arrange returns by themselves.

A returns solution designed to get your products back onto shelves ASAP


Customize the return portal to match your brand

  • Add your logo, brand colors, and layout to offer customers a branded return experience.

  • Putting your brand first the entire journey


Reduced packaging

It's time to say goodbye to single-use plastic. We work hard to reduce packaging waste. Our alternatives will make you wonder why your brand didn't make the switch sooner.


Electric cargo bike returns / deliveries

Boxx is offering a solution for reliable delivering to business customers that have a logistic need. We prioritise green carriers, to make city logistics cleaner, more efficient and more flexible.

Daily operational activities for brand & carriers


01. Customer requests return

  • Boxx gets notified when return is placed

  • Courier partners are notified to collect on next route

  • Returns details are sent to Boxx hub

03. Receival activities

  • Inspections made

  • ​Reinjection / return to warehouse / failed deliveries 

  • Returns & failed deliveries sorted for re-delivery

02. Courier collects from home, pickup point or locker

  • Collection done by e-cargo bike or EV

  • Track & trace / status updates to Boxx

04. Post return activities

  • Receipt of packages returned

Our customers have 0€ fixed fees and are only charged for what they use

Returns Software

The Boxx platform tracks returns and sends branded tracking notifications to customers.


Upon receival goods are inspected and either stored or repacked for delivery

Pick & pack

If returns are in good condition, we'll repack them for another delivery or your warehouse.


Our network of urban delivery partners provide a range of options when resending a parcel

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Get intouch.

Our team is eager to explain how our solution can help your business

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