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Transform your last mile with cross-docking

Cross-docking streamlines supply chains, perfect for businesses seeking faster order fulfillment, cost reduction, and accelerated product delivery to hubs or customers.


Use our facilities to get your orders closer to customers

Enhance logistics efficiency with urban cross-docking facilities for 3PLs. Reduce handling times and meet demand for swift deliveries. Optimize transportation resources and lower overall logistics costs. Stay competitive in modern supply chains with streamlined operations.


Urban cross-docking solutions for sustainable last mile delivery


Reduced Inventory Costs

Cross docking services eliminates the need for storing inventory, reducing associated costs such as storage space, maintenance, and inventory management.

Reduced packaging

It's time to say goodbye to single-use plastic. We work hard to reduce packaging waste. Our alternatives will make you wonder why your brand didn't make the switch sooner.


Electric cargo bike returns / deliveries

Boxx is offering a solution for reliable delivering to business customers that have a logistic need. We prioritise green carriers, to make city logistics cleaner, more efficient and more flexible.

Daily operational activityes for brand & carriers


02. Pack & sort

Depending on which parcels are going where and which couriers are delivering what

03. Delivery

Delivery done by e-cargo bikes or EVs. Track & trace / status updates to consignee & clientOption for dedicated & non-dedicated vehicles

01. Your goods arrive at our facility

  • Middle mile trucks arrive early so our team can pack and sort parcels into relevant zones for courier collection

Our customers have 0€ fixed fees and are only charged for what they use


Systems are integrated to create automated packing lists & route information


Upon receival goods are inspected and either stored or packed for delivery

Pick & pack

Orderd are packed as per each routes requirements


Our network of urban delivery partners provide a range of options when sending a parcel

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Get intouch.

Our team is eager to explain how our solution can help your business

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