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Urban hubs, powered by tech

Our facilities allow you to sell from different platforms without the need to increase your inventory or restrict it to a certain channel. Industry-leading software powers fulfillment from any location, to any end customer

Fulfillment technology

Simplifying order fulfillment is key to efficiency. Implementing the right technology can automate inventory management, picking, packing, shipping, and order tracking. Boxx, a tech-driven 3PL, offers top-notch fulfillment solutions.

Simple integrations with leading platforms, marketplaces and local carriers makes for a flexible delivery strategy. 


Facilities driven by cutting-edge software, automating the process from click to delivery.


Plug & play

Be operational within weeks. We manage inventory allocation down to the SKU, facilitating all types of deliveries that foster expansion without overloading your operations team.

Reduced packaging

It's time to say goodbye to single-use plastic. We work hard to reduce packaging waste. Our alternatives will make you wonder why your brand didn't make the switch sooner.


Electric cargo bike returns / deliveries

Boxx is offering a solution for reliable delivering to business customers that have a logistic need. We prioritise green carriers, to make city logistics cleaner, more efficient and more flexible.

What our software enables


Inventory Management

With stock control software, you’ll easily move stock from location to location with simple scanning steps for replenishment or putaway


Order Management

Boxx’s ordering management software removes the need to manually monitor your online stores for orders coming in, helping you to take control of the entire process


Delivery Management

Integrate easily with carriers, automate shipping label printing and track everything you need in one place.


Reporting & Analytics

Boxx’s powerful dashboards empower business leaders to easily track all their business performance and warehouse productivity metrics, all from one place.

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Get intouch.

Our team is eager to explain how our solution can help your business

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