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Climate concious
ecommerce fulfillment

At Boxx, we prioritize a sustainable future. We offer carbon-neutral delivery and actively minimize our platform's environmental impact. Instead of viewing sustainable delivery as a challenge, use it as an opportunity.

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How we remain climate concious

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We need a change from what was

Conventional e-commerce fulfillment harms the environment, involving orders traveling long distances by plane or ground.

Boxx's Inventory is Kept Hyperlocal

By using micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs), Boxx ensures deliveries cover shorter distances to reach their destinations.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

Boxx uses eco-friendly bike and scooter couriers to reduce carbon footprint in urban zones.

Sustainable delivery makes consumers happier & more loyal, lowers delivery costs and helps the environment. Over 60% of consumers indicate they were interested in environmentally friendly delivery methods  

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