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About Us

Welcome to Boxx Technologies, where innovation meets efficiency in e-commerce fulfillment. Our team is made up of seasoned pros from big names like Just Eat Takeaways, Adidas, JP Morgan, and Budbee. Each of us brings our own special sauce of logistics know-how to the table, and together, we're on a mission to show Europe that micro-fulfillment is the way forward for urban logistics within our cities.

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Our Mission

Here at Boxx, we're all about turning the e-commerce game on its head. Our mission? To democritizee e-commerce. By offering kick-ass fulfillment solutions with lightning-fast, eco-friendly transport. We want to help brands reach their customers faster while keeping it green. Our goal is to make sustainable delivery the new cool thing and prove that you can be fast and green at the same time. With our top-notch tech and awesome partnerships, we're here to make sure brands have a blast while saving the planet and growing their brands.


Our Vision

"Picture this: a world where getting orders delivered or returned is as easy as clicking a button. A world where launching your own e-commerce business is possible for everyone. That's the vision we're chasing at Boxx. We know running a business can be tough, so we're here to have your back every step of the way. Our goal? To make your life simpler with cool urban logistics solutions from our base in Amsterdam, with plans to expand our hubs to other cities. We're all about logistics powered by tech, being eco-friendly, and giving you personalized support. Whether you're a brand or a carrier, our urban hubs bring you closer to your customers. With our cities are only growing, there is no better time to make your supply chain future proof, and green. We provide solutions for cities & brands of the future." - Luca G

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OUR CEO - Luca Giardino

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Betting on urban hubs

At Boxx, we know that micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) are the future of urban logistics. These compact hubs are reshaping how businesses meet the demand for fast, eco-friendly deliveries. MFCs offer speed, efficiency, and sustainability. The pandemic accelerated their adoption, with brands like Amazon's Whole Foods and Gorillas embracing them for same-day delivery. Boxx is at the forefront of this transformation, using cutting-edge tech to empower businesses in e-commerce and delivery. Join us in shaping the future of urban logistics.

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