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Sustainable & scalable

e-commerce fulfillment

We partner with brands to offer same-day delivery.

Using the best of micro-fulfillment & technology.

Proving that it's possible to be fast and green


In an era of instant gratification, two day delivery does not meet customer requirements for fast retail fulfillment

How it works


1. Connect

Connect your store, import your products to the dashboard, then send us your inventory.


2. Store

We store your inventory in any combination of our fulfillment centers.


3. Ship

As soon as a customer places an order, we ship it from the nearest fulfillment center.

With our all-in-one dashboard, you can effortlessly coordinate your logistics across sales channels, partners, and inventory locations. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to streamlined supply chain management.

The App

Experience sustainable, same-day delivery

We use hyperlocal fulfillment centers to provide same-day delivery. Our partnerships with local zero-emission delivery companies ensure that deliveries are done right. We utilize in-house software solutions to manage inventory, warehouse, and orders, while our data analytics tools predict and allocate inventory to diferent locations.

Tap into our network of
MFC's across Europe


Upon receival of your inventory, we open the doors to all micro-fulfillment centers (MFCs) on our platform. We distribute your products to cities based on purchase data, ensuring hyperlocal accessibility. What's more, our solution allows us to launch new MFCs within weeks, offering scalability in any direction you choose. Experience peace of mind while you grow with Boxx!


One platform for all your needs

Simplify your online store management with Boxx, the ultimate e-commerce order and inventory platform. From revenue and orders to customer feedback, our intelligent system covers it all. With full visibility into your entire supply chain, regardless of location, you can track inventory, process orders, manage exceptions, and automate workflows effortlessly. Boxx seamlessly integrates with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and more.

Maintain your identity throughout the customer journey

Boxx helps brands improve customer engagement and retention by providing personalized and branded communication throughout the customer journey. Our platform offers a range of features, including shipment tracking, delivery notifications, personalized messaging, and customer feedback management to enhance the post-purchase experience and build customer loyalty. 

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of shoppers surveyed want same-day shipping, while 61 % want even faster within 1-3 hours of placing an order


of shoppers say that same-day delivery makes them more likely to shop online


of shoppers would abandon a cart online if same-day delivery wasn't possible

Why partner with Boxx?

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We help our brands grow

Let us take care of what happens behind the scene. By converting more customers, and providing same-day delivery to new markets we know where your sales are going, up!

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Climate concious delivery

By partnering with zero emission delivery partners, we plan to normalize sustainable delivery. Using EV's we reduce city congestion, reduce noise pollution, and pave the way for a new, greener city.

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Convert "maybe" customers

We know that offering sustainable same-day delivery to your customers will increase the chances of them purchasing your product on the spot. 

Empower Growth

Fulfillment services & logistics for online stores. We make it faster, greener, cheaper and easier for you to sell across Europe.

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